About Us

Mission of AGI

To propagate gerontological research in India and develop it as a discipline to train manpower for better care of our elderly.


  • To promote advancement of knowledge both by research and training in Biological, Clinical and Psycho-social aspects of gerontology.
  • To organize scientific meetings, either under its own auspices or jointly with other organizations.
  • To publish journals, reviews, abstracts, newsletter, etc. on Gerontology.


The members of AGI include all those who are concerned with the welfare of the elderly. Membership may be Individual or Institutional. Individual members may be enrolled as Life member, Ordinary, Student, Sessional (for participating in AGI conference only) and Foreign members. Members are from three disciplines: Biological (both animal and plant), clinical (Medical), and Psycho-social. Biological aspects cover the basic or fundamental and applied studies of the aging process. Biologists are trying to understand why the functions of an organism, an animal or plant, begin to deteriorate after the attainment of adulthood. This is an important and challenging question in Biology. Clinicians or geriatricians are interested in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of several diseases of the old. Psycho-social scientists deal with various psychological and social problems of the old, and devising ways to keep the elderly happy and healthy.

AGI is the only forum in the country that provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary interactions and where people of three different disciplines can get together, discuss their research findings and exchange their experiences.

Membership eligibility

  • Honorary member- The council may recommend to the general body the election of Scientist of eminence in India and abroad as honorary members of AGI, Not more than two such members shall be elected at any one time and their total number shall not exceed 20. The honorary members after election shall exercise all the rights of ordinary members.
  • Life and Ordinary members- Qualified research workers shall be eligible. Every nomination shall be duly proposed by a member of AGI on the application form to be supplied by Secretary. The nomination shall be placed before the council, which shall have the power to admit him or her as a member, or not.
  • Student member- Bonafied students enrolled for Ph.D. or postgraduate degree certified by supervisor/ teacher shall be eligible for admission as student member.
  • Foreign member- Qualified research workers in the field of gerontology from abroad may become member (annual or life) of the association.
  • Institutional member-Institutes engaged in gerontological research may be enrolled as members by paying annual or life membership fee.
  • Patrons- Individuals interested in the promotion of gerontological knowledge shall be eligible. Nominations for the election shall be sent by a member of AGI in plane paper and shall be approved by the council.
  • Sessional members- Non- members wishing to present papers at meeting of AGI may do so by paying a sessional membership fee as decided by organizers. This fee should be paid at the time of submitting the abstract. The fee shall be returned if the abstract is rejected. Sessional members shall not be eligible for any benefits of membership of AGI.

Privileges of members


  • Any member who is in default of subscription of two consecutive years shall forfeit his membership.
  • If any time the council be of the opinion that in the interest of AGI a particular member should be removed, they shall submit a proposal to be placed before the General body at which, if two thirds of the members present vote for the removal of the member, he/ she shall forthwith ceases to be a member of AGI.


During every AGI conference, scientific sessions are arranged where in members present the research papers in biological, clinical and psycho-social areas of gerontology. There is one special session for presentation of papers by young members of AGI. In addition to paper presentation, a general body meeting is held during the conference in which the accounts and activities of AGI are discussed and elections of new office bearers are held. The venue for the next conference and its organizers are also decided at this conference. The organizers of every conference publish all the abstracts accepted for presentation. Also, the proceedings of the papers presented at the conference are published. In-between the AGI conference, members of the three disciplines usually organize separate symposium/meeting in their fields of specialization. This provides an opportunity for the researchers of a particular discipline to get together, discuss their research findings at depth and share their experiences.


Three prizes are awarded to the young members of AGI up to the age of 35 years. Two prizes named A.V. Tilak Prize are given to the best speakers in areas of Biological and Medical Gerontology (one each). One prize named as Sri Venkateswara Prize is given to the best speaker in the area of Psycho-social Gerontology. The applications are invited from the young researchers before the conference by an open circular. A panel of Judges, appointed for each area during conference selects the best speaker in the corresponding areas.

Student Section


Prof. A.B. Dey also allocated a revolving fund to support the three orations in the name of Prof. M.S. Kanungo, Prof. P.V. Ramamurti and Prof. Venkoba Rao

4. Prof. Indira Jai Prakash Oration Award and Travel grant (This is awarded to mid career lady scientists irrespective of AGI areas)

Prof. Indira Jai Prakash Oration Award and Travel grant :-

This is awarded to mid career lady scientists irrespective of AGI areas.

Prof. M.S.Kanungo Lifetime Achievement Award

Mrs. Prof. M.S.Kanungo contributed a corpus fund to AGI to honor an eminent researcher for his/her outstanding contributions in the area of Biogerantology with Prof. M.S. Kanungo Lifetime Achievement Award.